Saturday, September 12, 2015

I Believe in Miracles...

I am feeling the need to remind myself that I believe in miracles, and that I believe *I* can have one.

They DO happen, and *I* am a recipient.

I just called 800-pray-now. They are available 24/7. I have called 3 times in the last few days. Each time it has been a slightly different reason/feeling I have called for. 

This last time I was starting to cry when I called, and now I am feeling more peaceful. 

I know I have said "if" there is a God, and some may question my belief in one. But, question, or not, I believe in the power of good thoughts and another's support. Plus just because I question, it does not mean I haven't left myself open to something greater than myself.

"If" there is a God, I have to believe S/He understands wherever one may be on their journey, and will never hold it against them - if it doesn't look a certain way. A parent will support their child, even if the child does his, or her, own thing, even if they get into a jam, even through disappointments, even with differing perspectives and opinions.

"If" there is a God, God's love, I have been told, is unconditional. Well. Unconditional means love and understanding and support without the relationship having to be one certain way.

I am not sure healing only comes through life. However, my ego certainly prefers that option at the moment. 

I believe in miracles. I believe I can have one. I believe I am a miracle - a walking, talking, breathing miracle. I believe in love and its power. I feel love. I feel loved.

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