Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Pause?

Have you ever been in a busy place with a lot of people walking? Odds are, most people have been at some point or another. If that place is somewhere where people are rushing, it is a ripe situation for people running into each other. 

If a person is without luggage, s/he may be able to navigate more easily to stay out of trouble. But with luggage, it becomes a trickier situation.

What I have discovered works best for me when someone is coming at me and I am not sure which way they're going is to just stop. I just pause for a moment, and the other person can choose which side of me to go on without the risk of me heading that same way.

(Interestingly when I do that many people apologize to me. Not sure what the apology is for, though.)

My pause is a self-protective action. I don't want to run into anyone. To me, it just makes sense, rather than just plowing through.

As I thought about this recently, it made me think about life in general. Maybe the same approach works when there are many things that seem to come at us. Maybe there are times it is best to just pause before going any further instead of just plowing through.

And the more "luggage" we have, the more it might be a better idea to stop. The more we carry, the more likely we are to have an incident with another.

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