Sunday, September 6, 2015

What if...?

Many people believe there is a cause and effect relationship between thought and reality. I question this, given numerous times I wanted something so badly, and it did not come through. And yet there were times it seemed to work. The difference, it would seem, was my ineffectiveness and ability to do it "right." 

The idea of that is more than a bit annoying. It would seem God/The Universe/The Powers that Be were awfully sadistic to set us up in such a way to believe we could so stuff - but then not be able to get it done, but not know why we couldn't, and not know how to "fix" it.

I went down that path for a while, but decided at some point it just did not fit for me. But I had nothing to replace it with other than a hunch.

Today I saw something from Matt Kahn that made sense to me. If I understand it right, the times we think something and it comes to pass are times we are more willing and able to be in tune with the path our life is taking. The times we aren't in synch, we are less able to be in tune with what "is."

Who knows if that idea is "right," but it makes more sense to me than the whole freaking attraction stuff. If there truly was a causal relationship between thought and what happens, why isn't it more consistent in terms of what does/doesn't happen?

The whole "Attraction" thing I think is attractive because within it lies the illusion that we are in control. This other idea seems to indicate that we need more to surrender to what might show up. And if it is something we don't like or want, who wants that??

I do not know what The Truth of things like this is. I tend to think no one else really does, either, and yet there are those who speak as though they know what it is as adamantly as others who speak of "It" in a very different way. 

The only thing I know with any kind of certainty is what I claim for myself. It certainly can get confusing, though, when trying to factor in what others think I should believe.

What if all beliefs are illusion? What if we get to pick our illusions the way we pick clothes?

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