Tuesday, August 11, 2015

4 days $125k


Good for them. Really. I mean it.

I, however, have a very different experience.

Because so many seem to think I should be getting help, I can't help but point to things like this.

I suspect a few things help this request:
He is active in the military.
He is married.
He has young children, another on the way.
He is relatively young himself.
He just bought a house.
He has shared he is Stage 4.
You can see the effects of his treatment.

Every time I do this, there are those who think I am jealous. This is not about jealousy. It is about perspective.

I am not military.
I am not married/not in a relationship.
Have no children of any age.
I am not "young."
Have no mortgage/house.
Do not ever talk about my stage.
When you see me, I often mostly look OK. 

There may be some who will think my situation not as severe because I do not speak of stage, and because I have no dependents.  No house may seem like less to worry about, when in fact it leaves the worry of where I am going to live. No spouse/boyfriend has me concerned about how I will take care of myself.

Having no dependents also means no support. Just because I choose not to talk about stage does not mean my situation isn't crucial. I DO, however, give key details about my situation. Key details that clearly suck.

I have also not raised anywhere near that amount of money in 3 years.

Make of it what you will. 

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