Thursday, August 20, 2015

People Only Do the Best They Can

It is interesting to consider that people only do the best they can. When you are "people" sometimes you have a hard time with how others perceive you and what you are doing or have done.

And, yet, when you consider "people" it is often quite easy to get caught up in judging them and what they do/don't do.

We very often are the very thing we don't like having done to us. 

I am writing this as a reminder to myself, as I want to judge another for their lack of response to me. It is made worse for the "fact" that I was told I wasn't trying.

At the moment I have made an effort, just, perhaps, not in the way the person prefers. Although that is only a guess on my part at this point.

But. Still. The ball has been in their court for quite some time, and they have not responded.

If they are truly doing the best they can, then they will get back to me when they can. It is so easy for me to sit back, question, judge. But I hate when people do that to me. 

Knowing all of this logically helps, but doesn't. My human self wants to do what it does so well. My human self is hurting, but wishes it didn't give a damn.

It is also possible my human self has got things all wrong, and if I only knew the "truth" of the other, might feel differently, more compassionate. I'd have to be willing to shift my focus to that person for that to even have a chance of happening - certainly not the easiest thing to do when feeling hurt and angry.  

This being human stuff really is difficult at times.

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