Monday, August 31, 2015

Up & Eating

I don't like eating at this time of night, but it seems that if I am awake, I need to, or else I will not sleep/get back to sleep. I wind up feeling so sick.

I wonder what the heck that is about, as it is a relatively new thing on the scene.

I had thought about something I wanted to write, but can't remember now what it was. This forgetful thing drives me crazy. I "should" be "used" to it by now, but I am so not. It is so freaking annoying to have thoughts just come and go like that.

Oh. I think it was about this trip I want to take. But that is a bit bigger than a midnight snack to talk about right now. When is gonna be the "right" time to talk about it? It really worries me that days go by and I have done essentially nothing except try to avoid major side effect issues, eat, and sleep.

Will a few more weeks be enough to recouperate so I can get on the road? I know I keep asking this question. I would stop, if I had any resemblance of an answer. 

I have to try to plan, as if I am going, whether I can pull it off, or not. But when I can barely pull off getting out of bed most days, a part of me just thinks I am freaking crazy to even consider it.

Right now I would just be happy to sleep. Tomorrow I have a few things I should do. I will be really happy if I can get them done. 

*fingers crossed*

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