Monday, August 17, 2015

Craving the Past

I just saw an old McDonald's menu board. I could almost taste the hamburger of my youth. The hamburger, fries, the strawberry shake.

Of course, the hamburger tasted nothing like the kind we made at home. But something about the taste, the smell, was comforting. 

Apparently still is. 

It has been several years since my last McD burger. (Although, I may have had one on my cross country trip 2 years ago.) Whenever was "last," the meal just wasn't the same. But then again, a lot of food just isn't the same as it used to be. Tomatoes of now just don't seem anywhere near to what I remember, either.

"Funny" how food can be such a trigger/comforter. Sadly, unlike other food I have craved recently, I have no mechanism for replication. 

I would guess the fact that I feel like crap is the reason I would be seeking out familiar points of comfort. I feel like I should eat more than just the pretzels I ate today, but the only thing that seems appealing at the moment is McDonalds of days gone by.

Anyone got a time machine I can borrow?

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