Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Feeling really down

I just realized tonight that what bothers me the most about people's reactions to me/my situation is their seeming indifference. They don't know what to say, so they do not even acknowledge just how messed up my situation is. They don't acknowledge how much it sucks, or how painful it is for me.

I realize that for them to say/acknowledge it means they have to be mindful and aware of the types of things no one wants to be mindful and aware of. They likely don't want to see a person they care about in pain.

But. Here's the the thing: acknowledged, or not, there is still pain. And, even worse, I feel even more pain because of the denial of my circumstances and because a lot of what a person says or does often says more about theit discomfort than it does to help mine. Plus, it often leaves me feeling worse. 

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