Sunday, August 16, 2015

Oh my eyes...

When I was a kid, I seemed get a lot if styes on my eyes. For anyone who does not know, it is a red, swollen area that can come to a whitish head.

Yup. Loverly. :)

Every now and again, as an adult, they'd show up, but never with childhood frequency.

In the last couple of months I have been having eyelid issues. At one point my left eyelid was so swollen, my eye looked half closed.

I suspect it has something to do with the fact that my eyes are mostly glued shut when I awaken from sleep. I have meant to ask the doctor about it, but suspect it has to do with the overall dryness in my body, due to chemo.

Now I am dealing with my right, lower lid. I could try to go to sleep, but that might just make it worse.

These side effects really suck.

You know what else sucks? I am about to get a new oncologist for the third time. Mine has decided he wants to live life, and plans to travel.

My reaction? Good for him. We never really were in sync, any way, but I truly DO think what he plans is awesome.

You may wonder why that sucks. It sucks because with his departure I also get a new team of people, too. It is one reason why, despite mixed feelings about him, that I never requested a new doctor.

I did not want a new team. I did not want to have to teach them about how I am. I did not want to have to tell them how to talk to me/refrain from speaking to me. 

It really sucks. So does how my right eye feels. So does a number of other things. 

One good thing? I am doing my best to get on the road again this fall. My trip 2 years ago felt like it saved my life. Hoping it can somehow help again.

I also have a thought / plan about the trip I will share when I know more / better. It is in the stewing / brewing stage at the moment.

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