Sunday, August 30, 2015

I can't help but wonder...

Lately there is a big move in the south to remove the Confederate flag, as well as statues of significant members of the Confederacy. I am sure many think it should have happened a long time ago.

I, on the other hand, wonder if they were to stay, if they could be a reminder of a "place" to stay away from. A problem with that idea, though, exists in the fact that the meaning of some of those things already varies, depending on who you talk to.

Just to be clear, I am not advocating for one side, or the other. In some ways, I feel a bit too far removed from those emotionally charged by their significance. I am not sure it is "my" choice to make, and if it was, my question above is one I would certainly be asking of those asking me to make that decision.

I am not always sure that removing the things that make us uncomfortable is a good idea. We already look the other way many times when it might be better for us as a whole if we were willing to look and engage.

Not to say I am "right." It was just a thought that crossed my mind...I often think I may "know" something, only to be shown something that expands my mind's perspective. Sometimes the fact that I did not see what is shown me is sometimes disappointing. How could I not have seen that?

I guess that is where having an open mind can come in handy. It allows me to see things as others might, and makes me more empathic. However, being willing to be wrong is certainly a pre-requisite to getting "there."  Admittedly, there are likely to be times I am unwilling to see things any other way than I do, and that can certainly cause a problem, or two, or ten.

We human beings are sumthin' else. You ever wonder about how amazing it is that we have anything we do? We can create so many issues for ourselves and each other interacting with our contrasting ideas and perspectives. At the same time, we apparently can also manage to figure a few things out along the way. 

It certainly does make me wonder...

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