Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Spelling Things Out

I just saw a video from Dixie that says you should focus on conversations, not the dishes. It is selling paper plates. 

It was right after I saw this graphic:
(Found on Sustainablog.com If I am not allowed to use this image this way, and you own it, please just let me know).

The Dixie ad is simplistic. Most people will not think about the above graphic, and it is likely more out of pure ignorance to the details than anything else. 

At least the first time.

The question then becomes does the "convenience" story win out? After all, the convenience is what draws your attention, especially if nothing else does.

The details, however, are inconvenient, uncomfortable, ugly, and most people will not want to focus on them. They'd rather see the neat other picture. 

It is no wonder few things get spelled out. It is no wonder people do not appreciate the awareness. It is no wonder a lot of things.

But our ignorance often comes with a price. I guess as long as we think we can afford to pay it, we think we are Ok.

The thing is, though, many things have a tipping point, and there are times we may not know just how close we are to the place where we will find ourselves hurt.

Am I suggesting we shun convenience? I'd like to. But there are times it really is just a necessary thing. I guess it would be at least a starting point if we could have a few less necessary times than we think we need.

Anything done or undone has to start somewhere.

And, for the record, I recognize this is a rather simplistic "conversation." I am Ok with that. If it gives a person a reason to pause for a moment, that works for me.

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