Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Are There Things to Ask Yourself?

A few years back, I created a document
called "15 Essential Things to Ask Yourself."

I was inspired one day as I sat and wrote.

Are they truly "essential?"

Who the heck knows?

But they might get you thinking
and/or asking your own questions.

If you would be interested in seeing what I created,
you can either see it in PDF form, or as a video:

15 Essential Things to Ask Yourself Video
15 Essential Things to Ask Yourself PDF

Feel free to share if you think others will find it of interest. :)
I would prefer if you would link to this blog entry instead of
sharing the actual files or links, but what you do is of course
up to you.  I ask this in part because I would love it if anyone
who views them would comment below with their thoughts
on my thoughts and it would be great to get some interaction
and conversation going.

Thanks. :)

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