Monday, December 24, 2012

How I Look at Christmas

It is the last of the day before the
night before Christmas.  I hope you
have been good.

As for me, it doesn't really matter,
as I don't celebrate the holiday much
any more.  It lost a lot of its charms
for me several years ago when I was
receiving gifts out of a sense of
obligation more than anything else.

The gifts were never anything that seemed to suit me, but rather
was just something to give.   A few years I got really creative,
and put a lot of time and thought and creativity into what I did,
but I am not sure it suited anyone any better than what they did for me.

On top of it all, I got to thinking about how wonderful it would be
if we gave because we wanted to - not just when we had to, and
not just this one day of the year.  My brother started to call me

I am not sure how seeing things more clearly than a marketer
and advertiser might want me to makes me Scrooge.  When I am
feeling like myself, I enjoy doing things because something
strikes my fancy to do.  And nothing gives me greater pleasure.

It also strikes me that the whole thing that has been built up
around Christmas has nothing really to do with what Christmas
is supposed to be about any way.

So tomorrow night is just going to be another night in the grand
scheme of things.  My friend's family didn't want me to be alone.
If I had no plans, they wanted me to come.  Well, I have plans,
maybe just not the kind that they think are the ones I should have.
Last year I was alone, too, and they gave my friend grief over
that fact.

Hopefully he won't get any grief this year.  I just am not up to
spending it with a bunch of strangers.  It is awkward enough for
him with his family.  I appreciate the invitation, but I just don't
think I have it in me, energy-wise or emotionally-wise.

And the thing is, I am more than fine with that.

Depending on how the day goes, I may even spend part of it
writing a few Letters of Love.  I am thrilled that a few people
are now taking me up on the offer, and I am hoping more will.

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