Tuesday, December 25, 2012

From a Letter of Love

This came from a Letter of Love that I wrote:

 "Think about God. You don't really know if God exists, but you could seek evidence. The thing is how would you know that that evidence accurately portrays that there is a God? You have no way of knowing for certain. It really is just speculation and belief that takes you from one thing to the next. You can seek proof for the things that you believe, or you can just simply believe. You really can't do both simultaneously. You really can't. You either spend energy believing, or you spend energy looking for something to support a belief you may or may not have until the right thing comes along."

This came from another Letter:

"The unfortunate thing for those seeking certainty is that the only thing certain is that they will be unable to find it." 

And one more:

"The world is much more than we think we know it to be."

And lastly:

"You are doing exactly what you need to be doing right this very moment.  And every moment that you breathe.  Every moment is perfect, even if there are seeming imperfections.  Every moment plays a role, an important role, in the play that is your life.  Every character in a play plays an important part in the development of the story, very much in the same way that every aspect of you is an important character playing an important role in your life and its resulting experiences."

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