Monday, December 3, 2012

The Shoe Perspective

My last blog entry started an interesting conversation between me and a friend of mine.
It started in the comment section of the blog and went over to Facebook.
As I responded, I thought it would be a good thing to share here, so I have copied the text in this entry for you to view.   It is a conversation about perspective.  See what you think.
I love to hear about all the processes you are going thru! I am a big believer in perspective - Wayne Dwyer's book "Change your mind, Change your life". Also talk about and have clients consider different perspectives in coaching and in the LoveShops - it can make a huge difference. I think this is what the Forum does for people that's why it's so powerful! I think we forget that everyone has their own "reality" - there is no reality!
I love you...xoxo
A New MeDecember 3, 2012 9:30 AM
Thanks for your comment Jane. I tend to think much of "reality" is relative. At the same time, I think when the "facts" of "realities" clash, there is the possibility for a lot of pain, depending on how the parties play things out. It strikes me as something of a dance. I wonder if we are all learning how to dance as we move through this thing we call life.

Jane:  Yes - I think that is maybe where we practice standing in the others shoes/world to understand them versus clash.

Elizabeth Alraune When I think about "standing in another person's shoes," I wonder how possible that truly is. We can certainly attempt to understand where another comes from, and maybe we can sometimes hit the mark, especially if we allow our intuition to engage. At the same time, I wonder if the people who might have the greatest need to understand would be willing to consider going there. Maybe the idea of being in another's shoes is a bridge to something greater. 

Maybe it is the crawl before the walk. If we consider living life by heart, maybe there is no need to even do that in the first place because even without understanding where another is or has been, we are willing to give them the space to be themselves without having to think they somehow need to change or correct. As I say this, it occurs to me that our need to step into another's shoes could really be a need of ours to step out of our judgment and possible need to fix things or change another.

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