Saturday, December 8, 2012

Even Before Chemo Brain... (MP3)

Even before chemo brain, I didn't always remember
everything that I have done.  I have created many
things over time.

Today I was going through some things and found
a mp3 I made.  It was a recording I made based on
a script I had written for seminar leaders to read to
their attendees.  The intent is to maximize what
comes out of attendance at the event.

Of course no one needs this.  However, if you are
of the mind, like me, that you never know what can
help, you may want to listen before you head out
for a function.

Here is the link:
Meditation for Seminars and Conferences
(It is less than 10 minutes long).

If you appreciate and enjoy it, perhaps you will
consider making a donation to me.  I share this
with you freely, however I do have a need at the
moment, so if you do find value in it, your
donation would be very much appreciated.

Have a great one, and enjoy.

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