Monday, December 31, 2012


What if we paid more attention to our intuition?
What kind of world would we live in?
How would that alter our choices?
Would we feel less fatigued by all of the appeals for help and all of the sales offers? I suspect if we paid more attention to our intuition we would know exactly what we needed to do, for who, and how much, and it would seem effortless.
Instead, we walk around bombarded by the trained manipulations of others (marketing), and often justify the things we do once manipulated that might not have been the best choice, because that is what human nature does. Manipulating someone for their own good is still manipulation.
Plus, it seems audacious for me to claim that something is for another's good. How do *I* know what is for *YOUR* good? Why do buyers have remorse? Maybe it is because they wake up out of the seller's trance to discover they were doing something they really didn't want to do, something that wasn't right for them.
(Just something I was thinking about tonight, and I thought I would share.)
Have an awesome last day of 2012!

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