Monday, December 24, 2012

Can anyone say IRONY?

As I have said previously, I have a profile on a site,
and in that profile I say I am seeking friends, mainly.

It doesn't really matter what I say I am looking for,
though, as most of those who view the profile do
it from a particular perspective.

Every now and again I will get some who will
compliment what I say.  They love how open I am.
They love that I speak my mind.  They love that
they will know where they stand in relation to me.
They love the way it reads, and they have read
every word - more than once.

Every other now and again I will get some who
will critique what I say.  They will criticize what
it says, or how it says it, or what it doesn't say.
It will criticize my picture choices.  The person
has no interest in me, but he feels an incredible
need to help me.

One of the things that I heard once was a suggestion
by someone to tell a perspective partner-type person
everything about you you think would have them
run away - on the first date.  The idea is that if they
stick around, you likely have a good possibility of
something, and you won't have to dance around
those things going forward, hoping that they won't
reject you when they find out.

I pretty much figure if someone can not only get
through my profile, but still wants to talk to me
is more likely to be the type of person who will
appreciate me.

Having said that, today I got one email that told
me I should "cut back," and how he almost went
to sleep reading my profile, among other things.

Then, right after that, I opened up the next email
to find someone who was appreciative of what
my profile offered, and was very much interested.

Good thing I am not swayed by what these guys
say...I would have no clue what to write!

I think it is very much like life, though. Everyone
has an opinion.  And, as often is the case, opinions
vary.  Sometimes greatly.

If we don't know where we stand, we will be blown
all over the place by the prevailing winds of opinion,
and feel much more lost as a likely result.

I have planted my feet.  We will see what grows.

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