Saturday, December 15, 2012

Best Revenge Body?

I just read something about Katie Holmes having 
the "best revenge body." The first thought that 
occurred to me was that in order for that to really 
work, Tom Cruise would have to really care for 
her actions to inflict hurt or harm (and by 
definition it seems like revenge only hurts us, 
as what good can it do for us to seek to hurt 

The second thought I had was that just maybe 
Katie was d oing whatever she was doing for 

It's not like there is any "truth" in the article, and 
I may putting more meaning into it than they even 
did. But it seems to me that how we label things 
says a lot about where we are, and in turn the 
reaction it brings about in some cases may even
be a form of manipulation. 

What better way to pull someone in than to use 
a word that can be emotionally charged 

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