Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 3 of Kyle Cease Event (12/1/12) (AM) (Video)

In case you think you missed something,
there are no Day 2 videos.

Interestingly, perhaps, I just remembered
one of the speakers of the event talking
about how to manipulate someone into
spending time on your blog.

He suggested that you post a blog, and
list it as "Part 2," even though there is no
"Part 1."  According to him, it is likely
a person will go looking for the first
part, and have to comb through your
entries to find it.

I don't know about you, but when I
heard that, I didn't think "what a great
idea."  It actually reinforced for me why
I don't like marketing.  To me, much of
marketing is manipulation.

(That speaker, btw, was the "odd" one
of the group.  He came from a very
different mindset and place than the
others.  He dressed differently, presented
differently, was much more flash, and

I talk about that some in this video, but
not in the context of this example.  I
just happened to remember it as I was
writing, and thinking that someone might
go looking for a Day 2 that didn't exist.

As much as I might like the idea of you
imbibing what I may be offering, I don't
like the idea of manipulating you into it.

So...for those of you who want to know
some more of what I got out of the event,
and some more of my thoughts, here is
Day 3.

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