Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Blame Game

I am not sure anyone wins the blame game. If we look to blame, 
we look to the past, and blame has us living in the past. 

How do we move forward? 
By being fully in the present. 

I suspect it is difficult for many to be in the present, unattached 
to the conditions and concerns of what came before (a group I 
am myself in, at times, btw). But what if we could fully claim now? 

I have to wonder how that would alter things. I suspect a lot of 
walls might come down. I suspect a lot of pain would dissolve. 

In some ways, what I am saying is almost too difficult to fully 
grasp because its realm is so different than the one most of us 
function in. 

But...it is such an interesting thought, 
one that might truly be 
able to make a real difference, 
that I think it is worth contemplating.

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