Thursday, December 27, 2012

Know Anyone in cancer Hell?

Working on creating a new webpage. The address of it will be Relatingtocancer.com. The intent of the site at first will be primarily to say who I am and what I have to offer in terms of relating to cancer. Over time I would love for it to become a site that has links to all types of info and resources.

What I am working toward is finding opportunities to speak on the subject of cancer and its effects. When possible, I also intend to speak on ovarian cancer specifically, as it is a type of cancer that often goes - needlessly perhaps - undetected until it is "too late."

I also want to use my experience in cancer hell to help others who may have their own versions of it. This could include those who have been diagnosed as well as those who are their caregivers. Neither position is an easy one to be in.

To those who are open to the types of things I do - including hypnosis and other types of energy healing work - would likely be the best fit for who I am overall. At the same time, I strongly believe we all have our own best comfort zones, and often I am able to work with people wherever they are. If you know of anyone who is going through their own personal hell, please put us in touch. Odds are good I will be able to help in some way. (Important note: It doesn't matter where the person lives, as long as we can connect via phone or internet).

If you know of any speaking opportunities, tv shows, video hosts, radio shows, interviewers, magazines, blogs, etc that would be interested in the story I have to tell, or might be interested enough to find out more, please either let them or me know - or even the both of us. :) It doesn't matter where the opportunities are, I am willing to travel if the circumstances are right.

Thanks for your help to get the word out. If you have any questions about what I am talking about, or want to do, please let me know. :)

One last thing: In the past I have asked for help financially (which, by the way, I still needhttp://gofundme.com/rioj8) so I know that there may be those who need help, but won't know how to pay for it. Please let them know that finances should never interfere with them contacting me if they have a need. I will try to find a way to help.

Related to that, I would love to start an organization (a non-profit?) that could raise money to help those who need my services to pay for them. In time, perhaps other alternative practitioners could also help? Who knows? The idea is a bit overwhelming at the moment. But if you know of anyone (or are someone) who could help me create this, I would appreciate the contact. If unable to do my own thing, maybe there are organizations that could work in conjunction with me? If you have any info or knowledge on any of this, I would welcome it. I am just going to trust that the info will come when I can do something with it. Even if it doesn't seem like now, who the heck knows?

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