Thursday, January 31, 2013

Are You Willing?

When I started this blog, I never wanted anyone to think that
I was trying to make money off of it because I had a concern
it might weaken/cheapen the message that I was offering.

Well.  That feeling has not changed.  However, my circumstances
have.  While I could somewhat afford to "float" while undergoing
treatment, I no longer can.  I very much need to make money for
several reasons - not the least of which is I want to stop asking
for financial help.

Interestingly I received a response from someone on Twitter who
told me they are leery of blogger blogs because of all of the cons.
Interestingly, but perhaps not surprisingly.  I know that there is
an on-going concern that people may think that what I am doing
is a con.

That is why I have gone out of my way to offer up things in
the way of supporting what I say.  My real name is attached to
this blog, so is my business.  I had a history online before all
of this, and I hope to have a future, going forward.

I can understand people's concerns, I would just ask that they
consider taking a look at who I am, and what I have created, and
what I offer, and then assess.  That is the best I could hope for,

Sadly, there are those who scam who have made much more off
of their scams than I have in contributions.  Not sure what I can
say about that - but it sooo sucks.  It sucks to think that if I do
anything that involves money and attempting to support myself,
it could be seen as suspect.

Those of you who know me, and have your own online reputations
to consider, I wonder if I could ask you a favor.  I wonder if you
would be willing to take a stand for me.  I wonder if you would
be willing to say who you are, and how you know me, and why
you know, or why you believe my situation to be what it is and/or
anything else you think you would be willing to share, or would
deem appropriate or helpful to me and my situation.  Of course,
anyone who posts could be just that much of a con, too...but I
would have to hope that if you say who you are, and give
links/contact info, and there were enough people doing it, it
might not seem so scammy.

It also occurs to me that for some, it could even be a form of
advertisement for you.  I love thinking that - as I love when things
that people do for me can help them. At the same time, a part of me
is sad because I know it could be misconstrued so many different

I had no idea I was going to ask you for that when I sat down to
write.  But that is what came out.  So I am going to go with it.

If you don't want to do it, I understand.  At the same time, if you
are willing to be a voice on my behalf, I would be most appreciative.
Please just leave a comment below, or send me something via
email or Facebook that I can post.

With great appreciation, I thank you.


  1. from Cindy Carter/Cancer Support Foundation

    Elizabeth has had cancer treatment and faces what so many do from the mounting bills. Contrary to what you may think there is almost no support for cancer families.Cindy Carter Executive Director Cancer Support Foundation, Inc.

  2. I am a good friend of Elizabeth's and have been helping her for nearly a year now as she recovers. I can vouch for Elizabeth having seen first hand her going through surgery and the then the ensuing chemotherapy treatments. I know all too well the hardships she faces as the result of fighting cancer having seen both of my parents go through similar situations. Anyone that would like to contact me to confirm the validity of her situation can contact me at brianiiixx-4e@yahoo.com

  3. I can only reconfirm the comments on this page. I am also a good friend of Elizabeth and I have also seen her go through her diagnosis, treatment and recovery and have also helped her during that time. If anyone wishes to contact me to confirm this can also contact me at michaeloutterside@hotmail.com

  4. I'm someone who's known Elizabeth for several years now, appreciated her greatly as a friend and human being, watched with great concern and fear as she dealt with something I'd hope would never touch her, and supported her anyway I've been able to. I also can vouch for Elizabeth being exactly how she describes herself, certainly not a scammer, but someone in need of any help that can be given, unfortunately more help than I can offer alone. Her situation is far from over and as I've learned from other cancer patients, it takes a great amount support to survive it, let alone fully recover from it, including and especailly financially. Anything you can do for Elizabeth would make a great difference for her, and she would be very appreciative.

    If you want to confirm her situation from me, you can contact me at the following email: googlingtonight at gmail dot com. I also have established a blog about her situation specifically and in-general, as I'm learning it's a burden that should never be without as much support as possible. Feel free to read it and hear my perspective on things @ http://compassion-for-the-cured.blogspot.com/

  5. I have known Elizabeth for several years, from her life coaching practice, and later as a good friend. I have been aware of the various stages she has had to suffer concerning her recent cancer and follow-up chemo. She is very fortunate to have received the proper medical care. Even with insurance, the payments are expensive, and she will need to continue keeping a close eye on her condition to continue to stay well. Sadly, the Internet is a place where may scams proliferate, but I am writing this on behalf of Elizabeth to make sure others know that her circumstances are real. She is a giving caring person to others, and now, during this difficult time, any help you can provide financially is a true necessity. I realize that many people are in need these days because of the tough economy, but if anyone reading this is willing and able to contribute, any amount would be a great help (even if it is just a few dollars)and if many give, then the cost can be spread amidst all of us who want to see Elizabeth's permanent recovery. If you would like to verify who I am, and ask me any questions, to know that this is a true and reliable request, feel free to email me -- thisis4e at gmail dot com.

  6. Elizabeth is a truly special person, and I am proud to consider myself a friend of hers. Not being an American, it was a shock for me to see how financially devastating getting diagnosed with cancer can be over there. If you are able to help Elizabeth in any way, I know it will be greatly appreciated.

    If you wish to contact me, my email is ankert65 at yahoo.com