Sunday, January 27, 2013

More Self-Conscious Today (Video)

Yesterday I created a video after talking with a friend.

I was so freaking self-conscious.

I had promised myself early on that I wasn't going to
re-record or edit my videos.  I broke that promise

My friend wants to help me.  My friend is very aware
of the aspects of "business," and wants to see me
succeed financially.

I get all of that.  And I also get that part of my message
is about truly being oneself - in all of your glory:  the
good, the bad, the ugly.

Could we change the way people see and interact with
things by being different ourselves?  If everyone started
to be real in their interactions, and real in how they
looked, is it possible people would stop caring about
those things so much?

As I write, I think about something I read about Steve
Jobs today.  I read about how he supposedly smelled
bad around others early on, in addition to other
things labelled unpleasant.  And look how successful
he came to be.

Of course, one might argue he is the exception rather
than the rule, and that the rest of us "mere mortals"
have to live by the rules to be successful.

Do we?

Do we really?

I say in the video below that if you see value in what
I am doing I would rather it be value in me being me
rather than me putting marketing value in (via doing
all of the pieces "right.")

I have no idea what is next.  I have no idea how things
will twist and turn going forward.  At the same time,
I really want to keep myself being myself.  It has
taken me a long time to get here - and I have no
intention of going backward.  But that doesn't mean that
going forward can't in some way include the things
I am not so sure about.

Questions. Questions. Questions.

Always Questions.

In the meantime, this is I think the 4th or 5th day in
a row I have done a video.  It has to be a personal
record.  Woo hoo!  LOL.

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