Tuesday, January 29, 2013

WoO HOo! MP3 page UP!!


I have been wanting to create this page for a long time.

If you know anything about coding, you know that it isn't
so simple to do - especially when you are a self-taught
hacker, like me.  There are a lot of freaking details.  I just
hope I haven't messed anything up.  So many steps.  So
many left brained activities.

It was very challenging to get through.

But I got there.

Please visit the page.  I am hoping that the way I have
structured it will be appreciated and helpful.  I decided to
have a Pick Your Price structure.  There are 3 options:
5/10/15.  Of course I would love and appreciate the $15,
I will be happy to make it available to you for less, if
$15 is a stretch.

If you find any hiccups, please let me know.   I will do
what I can to make things right.

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