Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On Value.

There once was a person that I had spoken to at length
more than once. He told me how valuable what I had
said was. He knew I was a coach and appreciated my
coaching but went off and hired a coach elsewhere.

Another time I helped a person, and in the midst of a
conversation we were having she thanked me for the
help and was asking for more help, but when I asked
her to help me, I was rebuffed.

I have been thinking about these instances today, along
with others.  There is an expression that no one takes
advantage of us without our permission, so if I was going
to blame anyone for these things, it would seem I have
only myself to blame.

But the thing is, how does one know that a helping hand
will be lop-sided?  I know not every helping hand will be
balanced.  At the same time, there have been many
occasions in which I have been left wondering, "what the

Part of this is about money.  And part of it is not.   All of
it, though, I think relates to value, and it makes me wonder
if people aren't valuing me, or if I am not valuing myself
and it shows up in how I am treated by others.

I wonder how much of it may relate to how much I want
to be liked by someone.  Do I extend myself more than I
should, hoping that the person will like me?

I am only now formulating these questions.  As usual, I find
myself with more questions than answers.

But I guess one has to start somewhere.

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