Sunday, January 20, 2013

Have you shared my blog?

Today I wrote to one of my Facebook friends.

She is someone who is a friend in "Facebook only,"
a play on in "name only," in case you didn't get that. :)

I wrote her to ask if she knew what was going on,
and to ask her to take a look at this blog and see
if she might be willing to share it.

It occurred to me that the message I sent to her
might be one that I should more broadly broadcast,
as well.

I am in a weird space about everything at the moment,
as sharing anything might seem to be self-promotion
and/or have a "sales" type feel for some.  Sadly for
many, sharing something all too often comes off as
"sales" these days.

In some ways, me getting the word out about things,
and me getting interested, paying people IS self
serving.  At the same time, it is about my survival,
AND about helping others.

The only other choice I have is to continue to ask
for financial support.  I have come to the conclusion
that it really is begging.  And. I. hate. it.

I would much rather do things for money than ask
for money, but I don't have much of a choice at the
moment.  I am not able to go find a job, and likely
wouldn't be able to work one.  Besides, I feel like
the direction I am taking is much needed.  I know
that I can make a difference for others.  I just need
to find the right supporter and/or outlet for getting
the word out.


I wonder if anyone realizes how completely
overwhelmed I am, and how difficult it is to do
anything. I have been saying it for a while on
and off, and I would imagine it could all too
easily be something lost in the traffic of the lives
of others - especially when people have their
own issues and stresses and feel like they can't
do anything to help me.

When I am on better footing, I really have to
see what I can do to help others who may need
help.  I can not imagine I am the only one who
is feeling this way.

Someone offered to play music for a fundraiser
for me, if another someone would plan one.
If you would be willing to do that, or at least
help plan,  I would be most appreciative.  Just
let me know.

I would feel  funny planning my own, plus I
don't know if I am (physically/mentally) capable
of pulling it together at the moment.

I will try to get a few more details, and see what
else I can say on it.  When I have them, you will
be the first to know.  :)

I need help.  I need to do things.

And I am exhausted.

PS What I wrote to her was:

Do you know about my blog? http://anewme515.blogspot.com
I ask because I am wondering if you might be willing to take a look at it, and see if you would consider it something suitable for sharing. There are several reasons I would like it shared, not the least of which is the fact that I believe there needs to be a greater awareness and understanding of what someone goes through when cancer is involved.
If you don't feel it suitable, or are not inclined to do anything in regard to it, I understand. I just thought I would ask.
I share this with you in case you may want to consider
sharing about my blog with someone else.  If you like
the wording, it might be able to be adapted so that it
is a message that fits what I am hoping to say with
something that suits you.  
(Thanks!  As much as I need help, there is a bigger
picture here for others to become aware of.)

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