Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Love Jon Stewart!

I just saw a video in which Jon Stewart (of The Daily Show, which
as he so astutely observed is only 4 days a week) said something
so perfectly.

So often when I write, I find myself covering a lot of bases because
I know that often someone reading what is written will have a
varying opinion.  I write this way because I figure that if I cover
their concern perhaps, one, they will hear what I have to say and
two, they won't misconstrue my intent.

I find it difficult at times to cover only a piece of something when
I know that there are so many other pieces and parts and considerations.

How do you cover a world of a topic in just a few words, sentences,
paragraphs, books?  I really don't think you can.  But what you can do
is cover a portion in an attempt to address a thing, and let others take
what they will from it.

I have often wondered how to address this particular thing in words
of my own.  Because I love what Jon said, and because I totally agree,
and because I don't think I could have said it better I wanted to share
them with you:

"As with most bits we do, whether of the fully fleshed out 
or more drive by variety, there are ALWAYS various 
counter arguments and nuances of language and 
thought which can be cited of this show's inherent 
unfairness or ignorance. Typically a bluntness people will 
forgive when in agreement with our point of view." 
- Jon Stewart

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