Monday, January 7, 2013


So this weekend has been busy and emotional.

I am beyond tired, and yet I am still up.

I posted something on FB earlier about my
mother after seeing so many postings about how
great mothers are.  I said I was just thinking
out loud.  I said that it wasn't necessary for
anyone to address or fix.

And then someone went to try to address it.

I get that people care about me, and it makes
me think that I shouldn't think out loud.  But
I want to give a voice to what I am feeling.

Does it need to be public?

I keep thinking it is helpful
to others potentially
when I share.

I also mentioned I gotta deal with things with
my mom one of these days.  I have been
contemplating calling her and asking her why
she hasn't offered any help, or even asked if
I needed help.

I just haven't gotten there yet.

Perhaps tomorrow will be the day.