Thursday, January 31, 2013

Like there is no tomorrow

Someone said last night that it takes 3
years to get a business going.

3 years.

I don't know how that sounds to you,
but when I hear that I think to myself,
what if I don't have 3 years?

Of course I hope I have many more
than 3 years left of my time here, but
when you are introduced to cancer,
time takes on a whole new meaning,
and life a whole new urgency.

We seem to accept things like this as
fact.  We seem to be OK with the idea
that things can take a while to happen -
whether we have that while, or not.

I can't help but think about how much
I want to say and get out into the world
NOW.  Now, like there is no tomorrow.

What can I do to bring things together
sooner?  What can I do to bring attention
to the things that I believe are of value?

People need what I have to offer now.

There are some people who won't,
sadly, be here themselves in 3 years.
They need to find me/know me now.

I can't help but wonder if there is something
in this that can redefine what we think we
know.  I can't help but wonder what is
possible if we stopped accepting limits.

If you believe in me, what I want to
accomplish, what I say, what I do, I ask
you to help me get the word out now -
help me get the word out like there is
no tomorrow.


And, while you are at it, perhaps consider
what this means to you, and what you offer
and bring to the world.  What if your
tomorrow never came?  How are you
living your today?

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