Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Who Has it Worse? (There is no Comparison)

I just saw an image that was a reminder that someone always
has it worse than you do.  It is labelled as "inspirational."

I realize that the situation that I have found myself in is a way
for others to check themselves.  Several have told me that as
bad as things have been for them, they look at my situation
and feel better.

As I type that it sounds funny.  Not ha ha funny, exactly.
But funny in the sense that it just speaks volumes of how
bad they see my situation to be.


It certainly ain't great.

Far be it for me to take away another's "inspiration."  But
at the same time, I can't help but raise the point that wherever
YOU are is valid for you.  Just because someone would seem
to have it worse does not in any way mean that whatever you
feel in your situation isn't valid.

I think there are times instead of being inspirational, a situation
like the one I described might only make a person feel worse
if they can not shake what they are feeling.  And then other
negative feelings enter the picture, and make things even worse.

I tell you this because I truly think we are all better off comparing
ourselves to no one.  Many times the comparison does us no
favors.  Having said that, if you can take true inspiration knowing
that someone has it worse than you, then go for it.

That sounds pretty bad, doesn't it?

I didn't mean for it to.  But in some ways, it would seem that is
what it amounts to, with a slightly different perspective.  But
then again, isn't that what life is about?

Perspective is everything.

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