Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Don't Look | Poem

Another one I am not sure I was totally finished with. It was written when I was in NYC a lot, and often saw the homeless and the reaction to them...both mine and other people. I wanted to write something about it. Interesting that I am finding this after Ken Newman's recent post and experience, as well as my reaction to it, given what is going on with me. As much as this may apply to homeless, I think it could apply to many of the uncomfortable life experiences.

(Another one written on a paper bag)

Don't Look
by Elizabeth Alraune

If you don't look
they're not there.
It's not like
you don't care.
The voice
The walk
The look
are something
you just
can't bear.
So you move
as the train
keeps its groove.
Who knows why?
Does anybody try?
We all do
as we must
as into pain
we are

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