Monday, June 10, 2013

Poem: A Wedding Greeting

This was written for a friend. For the sake of privacy, I removed the names. I now wonder after all this time if the "bouts" are the signs that we should do things differently. At the time it seemed like it might mean otherwise.

A Wedding Greeting
by Elizabeth Alraune

When xx and yy met
the storms did roll
and the seasons
took their toll
Their paths had diverged
the relationship almost submerged
But love takes many routes
and their love
(that no one doubts)
was strong enough
to weather all their bouts.

So - now as their heads do bow
They one to another do vow
Their love for eternity and
Their support for life
And all do pray
for Husband and Wife.

May your lives be fulfilled in ways that
have yet to be foretold.

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