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Love Life (Automatic Writing)

May 5, 2009

What do I need to know?

You need to be aware of lifetimes of accumulated pain is in your body. Pain. Anger. Despair. you can let it all go just like that - if you are willing. You wonder why it hasn't gone yet...because you feel willing, wanting. Well, parts of you hang on to the pain because it is a way to hang on to those lifetimes - those lifetimes when things were left in unhappy, incomplete ways. It is a way of yearning to be there to complete lesson and be with those cared about. You never need return there, and you can consider those times complete if you truly, completely allow yourself to be in this lifetime.

You have had a glimpse of things to come, and you are only at the tip. You must fill in these things if you are to heal and let go. your gift comes in the form of gifting to others - by giving to others. You are able to let go of the things that no longer serve you. You are able to let the past be the past - this and every other lifetime. Right now. This moment - it's the only one that matters.

You are an open vessel for the language of love. you are allowing yourself to be a conduit for messages of hope, of compassion, of love and understanding. You are gifting people with themselves n a loving and accepting way that speaks from soul to soul. They need to hear the things you say in very much the same way you do when words resonate for you when they touch the love of who you are.

You have a gift. Everyone does. Everyone could do everything - however, everyone doesn't choose to do everything. Each and every person chooses which gift they will harness and use and share as they enter a lifetime. There is always at least one, and often several. The problem is most people fail to recognize their own gifts when they live day-to -day in the midst of every day's turmoils.

People are caught up in the stuff around them as a way to avoid the pain of not living into their gift - sharing its treasures and promoting the life they came to live.

Life is of a source. Call it whatever you want to call it. It is sourced somewhere. Language often hinders meaning. Assigning a word to something only limits what that thing is. It boxes it in, contains it, and steals from it its truest essence. Why have words? To communicate, you would say. After all, the writings you have done have words and they communicated. They communicated because the soul was ready, and heard exactly what it needed to hear - in the words were a meaning contained. If there is to be a meaning - best it be one that empowers, loves, supports, maintains.

Love of life is the most important factor for life to be. Without love of life, all there is is pain. Pain = the absence of a love of life. It is also much strife. Yes. It rhymes. We couldn't help ourselves. We're poets, don't you know it? Why shouldn't we have fun? Why should spirituality and things of this type be so "serious?" It takes away all of the fun, and life is meant to be fun. Life if lived properly - if there is such a thing - is one that allows for play and fun. When there is greed, when there is envy, there is no fun. When one focuses on what they lack, there is no fun.

Fun comes from an appreciation of what is - right now - this very moment. Fun isn't past or future tense - it is now.

It goes for anything, really. Nothing truly lives in the past or future. It only, completely, fully lives in the NOW.

What now are you choosing? What do you what do you want for this moment? What feelings, emotions are wrapped inside of you? All. Many. It is all available to you. Some in smaller doses, some in larger ones. You get to determine ratios. However you MUST be fully conscious of your choices. You must choose. You came knowing there would be choices to make. You came knowing there would be lessons to learn. You came knowing that there were things that needed release and resolution. You came knowing that there were many things that would be in the spotlight and there were others that would be in the background, and barely, if at all, visible.

You knew what life would be, and you still chose it. The thing is - choosing never stops. You need to continue to choose over and over and over and over and a lack of conscious choice - is still a choice. So which do you prefer? Consciously choose? Or just allow things to fall where they may?

You must realize that there is only one time, one moment, that matters and when you connect with that moment, it's as though time stands still. You are able to do things that confound the logical mind. You are able to do much more than you are yet aware.

These strange thoughts you have come from somewhere - from that knowing within. You know what's possible beyond the words.

(continued later that day...)

You are eternally a child. You eternally have curiosity. You eternally want to play. You eternally want freedom and joy. And because you eternally are a cild, you are able to have and be these things. If you aren't, or don't, then it's only because you have forgotten. Being a child never means being unaware, it just means being aware of what one wants to be aware of. 

Perspective, as you know, is everything and adults have the life squeezed out of them  And they in turn squeeze the life out of their children. Children have got it right. Children know. Children very much know. And parents, adults, authorities will often tell them otherwise, laying the foundation for the doubting, questioning adult.

The child questions from curiosity. The adult questions from doubt. There is very much a decided difference. You learned long ago not to trust yourself or those around you. As a result, it is how you live life - doubting, questioning, suffering. But beyond the doubt, the questions, and uncertainty are certainty, knowledge and answers.

Everything is available to you. Everything. We hear your mind questioning this statement. IF that was true, why do you experience life as you do? Because you want to. We know that seems harsh, as there is disappointment and pain and confusion.  Who would ever want those things? The answer is someone who wants it.

We're not meaning to be smart asses here. However, people learn through a myriad of avenues and if you weren't experiencing what you were experiencing would you be here with us now? Perhaps, and perhaps this was the avenue that brought you here.

We've been around you for years. You've known uit and experienced us before - and now - finally - you are embracing our offering - which is your offering to the world. We are mean to be a team, among your human team. You have things to share - always have - but haven't alway listened  or paid attention. Now you are ready. Yes, you're scared, uncertain - even in the face of all of the feedback you've received, confirming the direction is the right one. You have been listening and acting and that is the key. Had you not listened to us the other night, we would have tried another time, another way, another day.

You are listening and acting. You are creating new pathways for yourself. They're already paved, but you're making them your own. It is very important to make them your own. A pathway untravelled is useless. There are many pathways for everyone, and yet many are never travelled. You have made an agreement to help people in the most loving of ways and you will do anything and everything to that end. And as long as you respect and cherish those you interact with, we will honor them and you with these wonderful gifts of spirit. We also promise that you will be with someone shortly - in a loving, wonderful, supportive relationship. We will work diligently to create the pieces and parts that allow for that to occur in your life. It is important to be nurtured as well as nurture. You are nurturing, so we wil have you be nurtured.

We only ask for you to trust. TRUST. You must TRUST. Trust is the way you find your way to the road you travel. It's how you've gotten here, and its the way you'll find your way to the next pieces and parts of your life.

Love life and life loves you, not the other way around. Even though life DOES love you. It loves you in totally incomprehensible ways sometimes.

So what do I think of this?

I think there is some awesome stuff. I also don't know what to make of the fact that a predictive piece did not seem to come to pass. However I can't see devaluing the whole message on that one part. I wonder sometimes if it is just me talking to myself when it comes to this stuff. Am I only hearing what I want to hear? I don't really know. What I do know is that when I write these things I often forget that they have been written. It is like I am in a different state. I forgot about this until I found it again. 4 years later. In some part if is fascinating to me how it speaks to me now. Maybe it sounds crazy to you, maybe it means nothing to you, but maybe there is something in it for you, too. Take it or leave it. I certainly won't be offended or surprised if you think me off.

It's the story of my life.

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