Saturday, June 15, 2013

In the City (Poem)

Another poem, undated. Hard to even guess when it was written...but one thing is for sure - it was a long time ago.

In the City
Elizabeth Alraune

In the city
there are many
many noises
many voices
Many things to be seen
There is crime
There is poverty
and there is wealth to extreme
To wander the streets
some have no purpose
other than life
It's far too easy
to miss all their strife
There is a sense of loneliness
and a sense of despair
Who knows what to do for
those needing economic repair?
To look into their eyes is to
see one's own soul
But to look into their eyes
is to pay a heavy toll.
Some may not feel it
Some may never know
But they could be like
that some day
with nothing to show

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