Thursday, June 13, 2013

Grand Illusion

This is more Automatic Writing. When I re-read these, I am never sure what I think...especially since I am no longer where I once was. They bounce off of me differently now.


This is all a grand illusion. Nothing is real. Nothing is fake. It is all just what it is. There is no emotion, just highs., just lows...neither of which are anything but what they are. You are floating in space, in darkness. The illusion has you see other things. You are not real. You are not made up of blood and bones - These are names given to things - but they are not you. You have nothing. You are nothing. Nothing is you. You were never here, and you never will be, as exactly where is here. You think you know what here is, but what if Minnesota was actually New York? What if men were actually women in disguise? What if nothing was as it appears to be? There would be chaos. Humans need names and illusions so they can manipulate everything - have the illusion of control - but they control nothing. They own nothing. They are nothing. Life is an illusion, as bodies, so called come and go. You live forever. You are forever. You are love everlasting - but are afraid to see it. You are joy unbounded but know not where it comes from or goes to - and that is because it does not move. It is always and forever here and now - just as you  - always and forever here and now. Not a today, not a yesterday. You made all of that up, trying to understand the simple. Everything is here is now. Everything - which is to say that all there is is here and now as everything is an illusion. You have nothing  and never will have anything. To think otherwise is human, and not real. You are not real. Your dreams your desires are not any less real than the illusion you currently find yourself in. It is all illusion and can be swept away by one celestial wind. It is all temporary, as nothing imagined lasts longer than the imagination. Nothing lasts, except for the here and now. What does your here and now look like? What pictures do you paint? What images do you live with  What images are self-imposed? What images do others create for you? and put on YOUR walls? Your life is your imagination. That is all it is - and all it ever will be to realize that is to see true power - power is not in actions, manipulation. True power is in the occurrence in the moment as the occurrence of your thought. You are more powerful than you realize. You forget that the pictures can be changed and so can the furnishings  You have forgotten that YOU put them here in the first place. To remember this is to remember what is important. All else is illusion.

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