Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yusny: A Tale

The written word had long disappeared. When Yusny found the paper, she had no idea what the symbols meant. She was fascinated by the lines. Did they mean something?

Language had progressed to the point that it was purely audible, and even still, that type of communication was losing favor with those younger than she.

Those who were younger preferred to communicate via waves. It was only recently discovered that the genetic pattern of the human mind had shifted. No one was certain when or how it happened, although some suspected it had to do with the changes that came when there was no longer any food to eat. It was the body's way to adapt for survival. But it didn't happen for everyone, and there was no consistency to the findings.

Yusny still preferred to be verbal with those she needed to communicate with, but it was apparent that before she departed for her next lifetime, she was gong to have to adapt.

In school she was told that lifetimes were planned for her. She was told that she would know when she'd need to leave, and when that time came, the Divine Consciousness would send messengers to pack her things,and take her to the waiting area, until they were ready to receive her in the next life. She wondered why she never remembered any previous lifetimes or visits to the waiting area, but she was always told it was for the best. She would always have whatever she needed and that would be sufficient for her purposes.

She knew the Divine Consciousness, or the DC, had a planning committee that had committees. It was amazing how something so large could be so well known and simultaneously so mysterious and have so much control over how she lived her lives.

And yet, it was something that had been in place for centuries. People had come to expect the Divine Consciousness Representatives to show up at the moments least desired. Sometimes in the middle of travel, sometimes while sleeping, sometimes in the middle of celebration. Sometimes for the young. Sometimes for the old. There was absolutely no predictability, except for those who were fortunate enough to work for the DC, or in some cases, for those who bribed its members.

Of course, everyone knew about the bribes, but no one dare speak of them. You were never to question the DC. You were to live your life according to Plan until it was your time to leave. And you always knew when you were off course, your mind would be confused and your body would get weak, and the only way to feel good was to correct your bearings, and do as you should. Within hours of changing course, you would find yourself immensely better.

If you continued on a path that wasn't in your Plan, you would likely find yourself having to visit a Pharm for treatment. Pharms were underground places that existed because the proprietors believed (illegally) that people should have the right to make different choices.

The DC disagreed, of course, and anyone caught and found guilty of running a Pharm would immediately be shipped off to their next lifetime, no questions asked. The law was clear. One much obey DC completely and without question.

Some  would disobey just to get out of the restrictive environment, hoping that the next lifetime would be better. But sometimes, these people would be torn because of their love for family and friends. In addition,  there were those who would manage to communicate from their future. No one was really sure how, as the DC did its best to secure the leaks. However, these people would be able to send messages, and oftentimes the messages would convey a sense of sadness and remorse for disobeying, as there would be a long delay at the station and/or they would be in a lifetime that was miserable as punishment for their not being able to follow the Plan in the previous lifetime. The DC would make certain that those left behind would live in fear of disobedience.

It didn't always work, though, as the underground Pharms thrived. And within these communities was knowledge of how to disrupt the disabling patterns of the DC. What these people knew was revered, and also used with great caution. If a person was caught using their services, their lifetimes would begin again, but this time in a different city with a different family. The lessons to be learned would be learned, and DC found it to be an effective punishment.

People had little choice but to obey because when they didn't, choices would be made for them, and the choices would often be painful and lead to sadness and discontent.

What people didn't realize, though, was that the world that was once three dimensional no longer existed. It had become a dream world. Nothing truly existed. It just appeared to.

Everything that seemed to happen just seemed to happen. The events were shadows of possibilities. What people didn't realize was that all their fears, hopes, concerns, were all fabricated for the purpose of control and that the external world had ceased to exist. All there was was the world that was pumped into their mind.

The detours off the path were the times when their mind chose not to cooperate with the Designed Operating Standards.

Scientists would study these times to see what they could do to avert this activity in future beings It was clear that in order to control a being, one needed to control its mind. And it wouldn't be able to have a world in which to have 3D experiences again until it had complete control over the mind of those who would exist within it.

It would be the only way to have an existence that made any sense.

People - humans - were a waste when they could do as they wanted. They would deplete resources and destroy the very things they needed for existence.

Humanity needed to be redefined, or at the very least redirected. It always had the ability to be more than it proved itself to be, but somehow often chose other paths.

That's when DC stepped in. It knew better. It knew what was needed and proceeded to work with those who managed to survive the turmoil.

In exchange for the ability to survive, the survivors gave up parts of themselves to DC. It didn't seem like a lot - at first. And when it did become a lot, it was already too late to do anything differently. It was very difficult to distinguish anything in the midst of attempting to survive.

In survival, these minds still sought escape, but they were never fully able to. They were caught in a reality created and managed by the DC, adept at working in many contexts.

The fear is what bound these beings. The DC counted on it. All programming gravitated around it. Fear was a necessary piece of its programming effectiveness.

That was, until the day that Yusny found that paper.


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