Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Few Thoughts

When I took this picture, I thought about how people could react. My whole life, since developing breasts, I have spent with people commenting on, and having issues with, my cleavage.

I am not sure what it is about cleavage that seems to be inappropriate. It almost seems to me that many who have an issue with it, don't seem to have as much.

It isn't easy to find things to wear, and ways to dress, that don't reveal it. Although, in the case of this dress, when I am upright, the view is not the same. It is much "safer."

Why do we have so many issues around something that is so natural? And I am talking about the bigger picture, too. After all for many I suspect cleavage equals sex. And sex is not for anywhere that isn't deemed appropriate.

As a woman who is sensual, I find the expression of femininity in its various forms to be appealing, and I find that when I am expressing myself in that way it is something that is empowering, and makes me feel good about myself.

However, this is a much bigger conversation than a small blog entry can address. And right now I have way too many things that I need to be doing. My friend has many concerns about the progress that I am making getting the house ready for sale. I need moments like these in between trying to deal with the other things. It helps me retain some sense of perceived sanity.

My life hasn't been an easy one. But it seems to be harder than "normal" right now. I hope things loosen up soon. But I suspect the summer is going to be full of things to do and surprises to be had - none of which, sadly, mean any trips to Disney.

I am just grateful for what I do have, and hopeful that my body will cooperate. In a few weeks, I will get blood work, and see what's up with my body. Keep your fingers crossed for me please that I am on the "right" side of things.

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