Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Poem: Yesterday's Clothes

I wrote this in college. I was pretty proud of it.

If you have had all nighters in school, you probably know how this feels.

Yesterday's Clothes
by Elizabeth Alraune

Biology: Read pages 44 to 95   -check
Psychology: Case Study number 40, 55   -check
History: Paper relating my life to history   -check
There's another assignment to do - but the pagesareblurs

What am I reading? Bio?PSYC?History? No.None.OnlyZZZs.

A 2:30 snooze
A 4:00 dream
An 8:00 class

The students are invading the Russian psychiatrist's office taking fruit flies with them to the Marketing Business in a...THAT'S IT!! That's the assignment - study for a Marketing test.

But it's only a dream ithastobe
the lights are off
But the sun is out...

Once again
I find myself
in yesterday's clothes

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