Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Poem | The Day My Marriage Fell Apart

One day I heard a couple arguing, and I wondered what it would be like to be married and having your marriage fall apart. I wondered how they might be feeling. I wrote this as a result.

The Day My Marriage Fell Apart
by Elizabeth Alraune

The day my marriage fell apart
I felt betrayed, lost
I ran
but there was no where to go
I yelled
but all that was heard was the
the hatred
I wanted the one time love
to be,
but blazoned in memory
t burned
I blinked back
the tears

The emotion welled
as I know I had been blind
to words of family, friends
on my wedding day

But it's going to last
It has to
What else is marriage for?

I gave up my all
I relinquished it
all for you.
I gave you everything
and more
I gave you me.

You say I no longer listen
but what is there to listen to?
You cheated me
You cheated you
You cheated what was "us."

You're to blame,
of course it's you.

That's all I feel
That's all I see

I feel stupid
I feel used
I feel like I just want to cry.

My walls are crumbling
The me
once strong
lost in you
has become feeble

All I can do is cry.

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