Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Poem | Broken Relationship

I am not certain, but I think I wrote this when my live in relationship was having issues.

Broken Relationship
by Elizabeth Alraune

You wanted so much
So did I
But you were out of touch
and I did cry

I cried often
but you heard not my voice
I tried and I tried
but you have me no choice

It was to be your way,
I would hear you say, or
no way at all
We were headed fro a fall

And fall we did
again and again
The well got deeper
there was no end

We moved forward
as people do
But it was a facade
and now it's through

We were two people
who thought we could be one
The thought was wonderful,
beautiful, and hard to be won

It was a battle
unlike any I have ever seen
But I was fighting
for my dream

Time has been patient with me
as it has itself to spend
But my life is not free
and time is not my friend

I need to do what I can
with what I've got
And it is most assuredly
a lot

In a relationship that
I can not cope
The thing I need the most
is beyond all hope

I am scared
and have a right to be
I have not been alone in this world
with just me

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