Friday, June 14, 2013

There is Only Love

Not sure when this was...want to say early 2000s. It was what was written when I was asking for answers and support. It is for me, but like many of my Letters of Love, I believe there are potential messages for others.


There is only Love. In the world only Love lives - all else is static, dead. It has no pulse. It does not breathe. It is solid illusion. Stick your hand into it and and it feels real. Stick your emotions into it, and it feels real. You look with your eyes when you should see with your heart.

Love knows no bounds and it can never be captured. Love knows no bounds and can not be measured. You are pure Love. You are nothing more. Nothing less. It's like playing dress up. You are and then there is everything else.

You are Love in the world and the world is in you. You need not know the answers as there are no questions. There are no questions because there is only Love. To question is the act of determining how to be with the illusion. The only way to be is to see it for what it is. Nothing. Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing.

You know nothing and as such you know everything. The world needs to awaken. It is through contrasts that one is able to come out of his sleep. In your sleeping and dreaming sometimes there are nightmares and sometimes there is extraordinary happiness - but it's all illusion. To awaken is to no longer need the contrasts to know what is true. Love will be Love because it is. Know that people appear to come and go, but they have never left, and they, as such will not return.

The connection you have with them is eternal and there is nothing to fear. As you die, you awaken to Love. Then when there are more things to learn, you go back to sleep. But you never forget the lesson of Love. They are within your soul within your heart, stirring. You feel them when you are with those you love and care about. you feel them when you become aware of what life is truly about. They are split second moments for most of us and they disappear mostly unnoticed, like your breath.

But, stop, pay attention to the beauty of the breath of life, the breath of soul. Your soul wants to speak, and your soul yearns to be heard. You choose whether or not you will listen in the moment to moment choices you make. Pay attention to what your life is made of.

Pay attention to the choices of your moments. Pay attention to the breaths of your action for in them is the breath of your illusory life. Your life is what you make it. Your life is yours to create or tear down. To love, to hate. Your life is an object. I t can be destroyed and taken away, but your soul is impervious.

Your soul knows all that it needs to know to provide for you  - should you choose to listen. Your soul is patient - as Love is patient. Your soul knows no time, as there is no time except the present. Now is the when that matters. Now. Now. Now. What do you do in your Now?

How is your moment? Do you hear your soul's whispers  Do you feel the guidance given you? Do you hear what is there to be heard? It is spoken always, but do you choose it? It is in every moment. It is in every object. In every thing - as you are every thing. It all speaks to you.

Are you afraid to hear what it has to say? There is nothing to fear, as it is all based in Love. It is important to discern the Love that is behind all. It is important to know Love. It is important to be Love. It is important to live and love in Love. It is difficult to use words to describe the simple. Human beings like the complex. This is not complex. This is as simple as it gets. All is Love.

Keep in Love. Trust in Love. Trust in your soul. You can and will live into your potential. These words are to be passed along to others, but they are words that are equally for you. You must continue to grow in spirit. You have no choice as it is what you have chose to for this incarnation. It is what gives you the sense - that feeling - that your life is to be a servant to others. It is through your servitude that others will get what they came for. You chose this route, as in your servitude is your leadership.

You are here to serve. You are here to lead. This is an important transitional time and many are on the precipice, awaiting to be awakened. Love yourself and love others. Silence your judgements and love the qualities of others. There is nothing that keeps you from others - except words.

Shut off the words, and turn on the Love. See love in everything as Love is in everything. Love vibrates in everyone and everything. There will be many drawn to you through the power of words. Always be mindful of this fact, as words are only a different illusion.

To shift based on words is to shift to another illusion. Your illusion is not someone else's. Each person has their own illusion. Each person creates his own reality and there will be many realities that you have have a role in. Millions of people will include you in their realities.

Be prepared, because as such you will have various roles in those realities. There will be those who will make you out to be a hoax, a villain, out for recognition. They will be about everything the illusory world is about. It will be the exact thing you will be addressing.  Remember always to see Love in everyone and everything for in that Love you will survive and not succumb.

This is the beginning of the journey. You have come here, begging to be here, and so now you are. Know that this is by your choice, and that it is a journey in Love. A journey in Love that is part of your dream. This will go the way you say it will. This will be about Love, or it will be about something else. You'll get to choose every moment.

Every moment claim Love.

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