Thursday, June 13, 2013

Qualities (From the Archives)

When I was laid off of my last "real" job, I was given the opportunity to go to a firm that would help me figure out what to do next. I have always had great difficulty with translating my skills into things that are marketable in a way that fits into a box. It was at that point I figured out that by that time in my life I had had an average of 10 jobs in 10 years. That was a time - by the way - it was less than fashionable to change jobs. It was a time that people expected you to stay in a job. I had to always defend my work history.

This was one of the pages I had used while I was doing exercises. It makes me a bit sad to see now. I am not sure that the person I am is the person I was when it comes to organizing. All the left brain stuff doesn't feel like it used to. It is getting better, but it has taken a big hit. The stuff that isn't left brained, though, I find that to still be consistent. I guess if chemo was gonna mess with a part of me it is better for it to be the left, logical side, than the right - which is more the soul of who I am.

It may be interesting to note that I never had a full time "real" job again after that. But one thing I knew was that while I kept finding jobs, it was not what I wanted to be doing - although I did not know what that was at the time.

Now if I can just figure out how to translate my soul in a way that makes me money.

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