Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Poem | Today When I Saw You

I am not sure who I wrote this about (if anyone), or when. I find it interesting to read it, as I suspect that those who interact with me these days might relate.

Today When I Saw You
by Elizabeth Alraune

Today when I saw you
you weren't your usual self
Life weighed heavily
upon your mind.
Lately it hadn't
been so kind.
I couldn't find the
words to say.
I couldn't tell you
everything'd be OK.
It is so difficult
to watch your world
as it turns inside out -
especially when you
can't understand
what it's all about.
We know that all
moments will soon pass.
But -
why do the painful
moments seem to
forever last?
We just want
everything to be OK,
but that's like asking
forever to be
just one day.
Why do things
happen as they do?
I only wish I knew...

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