Friday, June 28, 2013


Amazing what 2+ years do to what you think you need/want. Been going through boxes in the basement. Lots of stuff being let go of. The best part? It is pretty dang easy. When you think about how life really is impermanent and that things really only mean something because you say so, and you realize how much better it is to simplify...it helps, a lot. All of the things I did to warm up my home may have also congested it.

How many things were meant to help, but really wound up being a hinderance in some way? I got rid of so much every time I have moved. It would be nice to get down to a small amount of things, and stay there. I think I can do it. Living without many of the things I am finding has been just fine. I could potentially get rid of most of it, and not even blink. But I am finding things I would like to keep. And as "easy" as it is to let things go, some things, not so much.

But I am making progress.

It will be interesting to see how I feel in the morning. As for now, I could not be more tired.


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