Tuesday, June 11, 2013

From the History Books

I was going through old papers and found this ticket. I wonder if the person I was with when I got it will remember that day if he happens to see this.

It was the day we met.

There is so much to say about the person. We almost didn't meet. I had been meeting a number of people on a dating line and having all kinds of fiascos. Then one night I talked to him. It was a great conversation. It ended, and then we both got back on the line again. So we spoke again.

I knew I had to be careful in regard to connecting, as he had said that he was in NY on business, but lived in California. It was initially why I even passed up connecting in the first place.

He was in NYC working on a construction project on the Upper West Side, I think. I don't remember for sure, and at the moment I am too lazy to look. But I do remember the project and I remember agreeing to meet him at Pizza Uno. I was reluctant to meet, but he insisted. "You're gonna like me."

When he showed up, I thought he was gorgeous. Was it possible something could work out for a change? It was around lunchtime when we met. Afterward we spent hours together. After the movie we went to the apartment he was staying at. I was so comfortable with him that I was more concerned that I wasn't concerned about going into an apartment with a stranger than I was concerned about being with someone I did not know. But concern, or not, I went with him. And I could have easily have spent the night. But didn't.

Needless to say, I really liked him.

And now...it goes into the trash.

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