Sunday, June 2, 2013

At the Airport (From the Archives)

When I was in college, I got to spend a semester in the UK and Europe. It was an incredible time. I had always wanted to go back, but I never made it. This picture was taken at the airport my last day there. I was exhausted as I had travelled from Belgium the day before and had a wild night the night before. 

I had looked up a guy I had met while I was staying in the UK prior to going to Belgium. I don't know that it was the best idea for me to do it. We wound up going to a friend's of his that I had never met to a part of London I had never been to. I was tired. He and his friend said they were going out. I was left by myself. 

It was a bit un-nerving, but even more so when the friend returned by himself, telling me that the guy that I had been with had met someone else that night. Prior to our going to his friend's the guy and I were talking and he was asking me to stay in London. I told him I couldn't. That I needed to get back. But if he was interested in me, I could see what I could do to return to the UK. Apparently he didn't like that answer. I never spoke with him again after he went out with his friend that night.

When the friend returned he hit on me. I think he thought we were going to have sex. He surely was trying. I didn't how I was going to get through the night. I wasn't sure what would happen. And I felt trapped. I had no idea where I was, and no money to stay anywhere else. I know. I wasn't very smart about what I chose to do that night.

But I was fortunate. The worst thing that happened was that he was going to take me to the airport in the morning. But when I was ready to go, he told me I had to go catch a bus. I managed to get to the airport, but then something was going on and my flight was delayed, for hours.

It was quite the adventure. 

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