Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Everyone in school knew how much I liked Dave. We spent a lot of time together. I remember the first time I met him I was in 8th Grade. He was in 10th. I was playing tennis and he asked if he could borrow my tennis racquet for a moment.

He was a new kid at school. And he was gorgeous. Most girls in school would have told you so.

I forget exactly what happened, but I think he got into an accident, and he left school for a long time. The next time around that we interacted, I was a Junior and he was a Senior. We were in many of the same classes. We studied together for Algebra and American History and we sometimes just hung out. He was a student leader, and I was the good kid that everyone trusted, so we got away with things we shouldn't have.

So many at school I think wondered why *he* would spend time with *me.*

My junior year I was the Editor of the Literary Magazine and the room you see above is where it was put together. At one point he was helping to collate the copies and "staple" them. It is what he called putting the coiled binding on. Once it was done, I still had the keys to the room and I was helping him by typing his essays for his college applications.

Right before this picture was taken, we moved the typewriter in front of him. It was funny at the time, because it was anything like what it looked. I think the teacher who took the picture was making sure we weren't doing something we shouldn't have been, and used the picture making opportunity  to disguise it. *Wink.*

Not too long after that the key was taken back. I was so often told back then that appearances matter, despite what the facts are and it wasn't good for appearances for us to be there like that. And...even if the teacher advisor trusted me, better not to put me in a tempting situation.

If only it was that tempting. Dave I think liked me, but he was always behaved. If for no other reason, he had a girlfriend. He was one of those enigmatic people in my life. There is much more to the story of Dave, and maybe it is one of those things I will eventually talk more about. He definitely always has had a special place within me.

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