Monday, June 3, 2013

One of My Past Jobs

One of my many jobs over the years was working in a booth at a self-serve gas station. I usually worked the overnight shift.

I had some regular customers. A few were senior citizens who were really sweet. Occasionally they gave me a gift.

One night some guy ran up to the booth and was trying to get in. The station was near what was apparently a drug area, so who knows what was happening. It sure scared me.

Another night a guy exposed himself to me and then turned around and said, "so show me yours."

I would have to climb up onto the gas truck and make sure the tanks were full when deliveries came to the station. A friend that I made during that time couldn't believe I could do it.

There was someone named Eric who worked there, who I thought was gorgeous, but he had no interest in me. And another, named Nick (I think) - a customer and cop who I met up with a time or two. Not sure what that was about, really. I don't know if he knew it, but he has a unique place in the history of me. I might talk more about that at some point. We'll see.

It was a job I was able to go back to more than once when I was college and at times it was really awesome. Most nights I just watched Monty Python's Flying Circus and wrote poetry and crocheted.

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