Monday, June 10, 2013

Poem (from the Past) | In the Dungeons

I used to work with someone who used to be fairly creative, and it stirred on my creativity, too. He was also pretty snarky. We got along really well. This was something I wrote with him in mind:

In the Dungeons
by Elizabeth Alraune

Way down in the dungeons of SMC
is a man of
little mystery
So talented is he
that he eludes
al modesty

He writes poetry,
songs, bits of wit
and, of course,
he is no twit

Who is this man of great repute?
To which there is no dispute?

Venture down to Security
and you'll find
the one man band
tooting his horn -
taking a stand
for the common people
of the land

For no one
you see
is as great
as he -
the infallible,

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